City of Pana

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Coal Creek Pioneer Village

     Pana Pioneer Heritage Guild was organized in 1981 for the purpose of rescuing a log cabin.  There were 6 people involved in the first effort.
     The first log cabin had been converted into a barn and is said to have been built in 1847 by William and Mary Jane Pryce.  The one story house with loft is 19 X 25 feet.

     The second cabin came from rural Findlay and was built by Joseph and Mary Foster.  The one story with loft cabin is 20 by 23 feet.  This cabin was said to have been built in 1849 but land records show he purchased the land in 1851.

     The third cabin came from rural Cowden and was built by Madison and Elizabeth Neal (Neil).  It is also a one story with loft and is 15 by 17.5 feet.  The lumber is sawmill cut and was built approximately 1870.

     The fourth came from rural Irving in Montgomery county and was built by the Ludwick family.  It is 12 x 14 feet and is still on blocks.  One proposal for this building is to create a blacksmith shop.
     Coal Creek Village is open and available to the public year 'round.