City of Pana


     The Pana Community Unit School District No 8 administers  public education in Pana.  The school district encompasses part of Christian, Shelby, and Montgomery Counties.  There are two elementary schools, a junior high, and a new senior high school, all located in Pana.  There are four parochial schools located in the Pana area. There is also a Pana Learning Center, which is an alternative school where students may receive a GED degree, serving the Pana area.
      Pana High School has a Complete fiber-optic distance learning facility capable of broadcasting and receiving educational programs.  This facility is net-worked with Lake Land Community College, Eastern Illinois University and seven area high schools within a 50 mile radius.
      There are four universities  located within a radius of 50 miles of Pana. Pana is in the Lake Land Jr. College District.

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Pana High School
201 West Eighth Street

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Pana Junior High School
201 West Eighth Street

Lincoln Elementary School
614 East Second Street

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Washington Elementary School
200 South Sherman Street

Pana Head Start
619 Kitchell Avenue

Pana Christian Academy
409 West Orange

St. Patrick's Church Sacred Heart School
3 East Fourth Street

First Baptist Christian Academy
Rosamond, Illinois 62083

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