City of Pana


      The Murals in Pana are the result of the work by the Pana Community Council for the Arts, the Rembrandt Society at Pana High School, and many volunteers.
     Money for paint and materials has come from the citizens and businesses of Pana, along with many man hours.
Roselandmural.jpg (91354 bytes) Roselandmural2.jpg (74530 bytes)
     The first mural painted by the combined efforts of the Rembrandt Society and the Pana Community Council for the Arts is located in the lobby of the Roseland Theatre, 127 South Locust Street. It may be seen only when the theatre is open.

     This clever mural of workmen in the windows is located in Commercial Alley between First and Second Streets.

     This farm scene is located at Prairie Farms 300 East Washington Street.  A part of this mural appears on the sides of some of their trucks.
     A country scene is located in the cafeteria on the lower level of the Pana Community Hospital.

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     The Railroad Station scene is on the west wall at 6 East Second Street, depicting the early days in Pana.

     The mural "Marching Band" was completed in 2000.  It is located at 119 East Second Street and can be seen from U.S. 51.

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      A  new mural was completed in the summer of 2001.

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     2002 addition to the collection of murals

In memory of the coal mines.